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I don't have a real name. Stop asking, dA.
United States
I'm not an artist. I'm a commissioner. I do have commissioned art posted in my gallery, but I like to keep things organized.

I'm a man of few words.

I roleplay, too.
  • Listening to: Trentmoller/Modeselektor
  • Reading: Twitter
  • Watching: Ashens on YouTube
* I really need to consider keeping a list of artists I want to commission so that I don't forget about them all of a sudden.

* I want to get a piece from JKLind of Judeli, but my Patreon support for him has yet to go through. I just have to wait for the start of the month, I suppose.

* I cleaned house recently in WoW. Deleted a bunch of characters I don't play due to not wanting to split my time between the two factions. I'm all Alliance on Wrymrest Accord now. 

* I keep restarting my Animal Crossing town because I'm annoyed with my character's appearance. It's the right hair but wrong eye color, or vice versa. I'm too impatient to wait for Shampoodle to open, too. 

* I need to take it slow with each character. I forget that not everything falls into place for each character that easily. They need time to take on a life of their own.

* I want to be able to advertise work on the dA forums without being flooded with resumes and poorly thought-out sales pitches. Then again, most artists I really want to commission (read: generally the fetish-friendly artists) don't use the forums to look for work.

* I hate having to get into a stream just to get a chance at a commission. The timing of these events generally does not mesh with my work schedule, which makes something that's already difficult to get into, due to competing with everyone else, practically impossible.

* I got my inventory bonus today! I kinda want to get something for myself, but I'm drifting between that part of the commission acquisition triangle where I don't really have any good ideas and artist availability is tentative at best.

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